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Join us on a tour

This is Glendalough's most comprehensive tour with stories that bring the valley to life

Glendalough is one of the most beautiful places in Ireland. The glacial valley with the two lakes, surrounded by luscious forests. But it’s the stories that make this ancient place extra special. Stories about pioneering monks, trading routes and Viking attacks. Some stories are historic, others are based on myths and legends. Together they make Glendalough come to life.

Get the most out of your visit to Glendalough and let us take you on a tour. We will take you around the monastic ruins and tell you stories you wouldn't normally hear. It’s the best way to experience the 'valley of two lakes'. You will be transported back in time. At the end of the tour we will give you the best advise about exploring the rest of the valley by yourself.


Duration: 1 hour

Walking difficulty: easy

Tickets: €20 per person

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