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In the evening the lights, the sounds and

the nature are different than during the day

and there is an almost magical atmosphere

in the valley of Glendalough.

This evening walk focuses on the many myths and legends about Glendalough and Saint Kevin, who founded the monastery in the 6th century. Because legends often contain miracles or other supernatural elements you need to open your mind to the possibility of the impossible. Who knows, we might even find a Leprechaun...


The walk is about 4 kilometres long and takes approximately 1.5 hours. It runs on an easy to walk, wheelchair friendly, path.


Start time: 7.30 pm (the walk takes about 1.5 hours)

Price adults: €30.- per person

Price children under 12: €15.-

Only available for private parties, with a minimum of 4 people. 

Booking is essential

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